Horse Drawn Wedding Carriages

For local weddings, we can provide a choice of carriages with one horse or a pair of horses. The horse drawn carriage will be decorated to suit your requirements, and the driver and the grooms wear suitable livery.

We can drive the bride directly to the wedding venue, or stop en route for photos. At the venue, we are happy to stay for photographs, whether or not we’re driving the bride and groom to the reception venue. Again photographic opportunities can be organised on the way.

If required, we can also provide a second horse drawn carriage for the bridesmaids or other members of the wedding party. If the journey is short, it may be possible to do two trips with the same carriage.

Our Carriages

Dark Blue Victoria Carriage

Our classic dark blue Victoria carriage comfortably seats two adults. There is also a rear facing seat, which is suitable for two small adults or children. Up to five people can be seated. The carriage has a hood for shelter, which folds down leaving an open carriage ideal for photographs.

Deep Green Waggonette

The deep green waggonette seats four people in facing seats. This is a more affordable option for the bride, but is also ideal for taking bridesmaids to the wedding should two carriages be required.

Blue Waggonette

Our less formal blue waggonette will seat up to six passengers. It’s perfect for taking guests to the reception, or for a small wedding party to travel together.

Decorated hoof
Decorated hoof


No two weddings are the same, so giving a price estimate isn’t possible without knowing your requirements. 

As a rough guide, a very local wedding using the green waggonette and one of our stock decorative trimmings, to take the bride* and father to the wedding and then the bride or groom to the reception, could cost as little as £500.

If two or more carriages are requested, custom decorations are ordered, or transportation is required due to the distance from our base, the cost will increase accordingly.

*Of course we’re delighted to cater for same sex weddings, civil ceremonies, renewal of vows and anniversaries.

Please contact us to discuss your wishes and obtain a price estimate.